13 Amazing Outdoor Companies in Utah

Untitled-1With 5 National Parks (Zion, Canyonlands, Arches, Bryce Canyon, & Capitol Reef), 43 State Parks, dozens of ski resorts, and a diverse landscape that can make you feel like you’re on a different planet, Utah is every outdoor person’s dream state. Red rocks, dinosaur footprints, and sandstone spires make up some of the background in Utah, and between all this rugged land and high potential for outdoor sport, a high number of amazing outdoor companies spring from the rocks of Utah. And whether you are considering making a career change, or wanting to see some of the cool stuff coming out of Beehive State, here for you today is just a sampling with 13 amazing outdoor companies in the state of Utah:

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Backcountry.com – Salt Lake City
Founded in 1996 by a couple of frontiersman in a Park City garage, Backcountry has quickly grown to be one of the leading suppliers of gear and adventure motivation in this digital age. And their virtual footprint is huge with additional sites managed including competitive cyclist.com, dog funk.com, and steep and cheap.com. And with a huge selection of outdoor gear, from a multitude of well-respected brands, the main Backcountry site can be your one stop shop for all of your adventure needs. And on top of all of that, Backcountry comes out with some jaw-dropping multi-media hits like this video entitled “This is Backcountry”.

Black Diamond Equipment, LTD. – Salt Lake City
One of the most recognizable outdoor companies in the Industry, Black Diamond HQ calls Salt Lake City home. And why wouldn’t it? With 360⁰ of fun all year around, Salt Lake City and the surrounding region is the perfect place to utilize the many Black Diamond products including LiveWire quickdraws, Carbon Convert Skis, and Alpine FLZ Trekking Poles. The product list is long for Black Diamond, and with reference to the size of the company, they are well vested into community collaborations like the Rock Project and the Mountain Project App.

goalzeroGoal Zero – Bluffdale
Goal Zero, located just south of Salt Lake City, has a unique line of Portable Power Packs, Solar Panels, Lights, and even Rechargeable Speakers to keep the party going wherever you are. And despite their innovative product line and tech-savvy adventure items, it is their message that makes Goal Zero stand above the pack. It’s all in the name for Goal Zero, with their purpose striving between zero apathy for the world around them, zero boundaries for their positive impact, and zero regrets in all the innovation they spend time trying to improve. To check out Goal Zero’s Mission Statement, check out the provided link.

gregoryGregory Mountain Products – Salt Lake City
Gregory Mountain Products may be based in Salt Lake City, but they participate in the international outdoor business. And chances are, wherever in the world you might be hiking, skiing, or spending time outdoors, you’ve probably seen a Gregory backpack such as the Targhee 26, the Amber 44, or the Tempo 8. That’s because Gregory Mountain Products, started by Wayne Gregory who at the age of 14 as a boy scout designed his first backpack, has been a leader and innovator in the outdoor backpacking scene for over 35 years now. To see some of their products in action, check out this Vimeo Link.

klymitKlymit – Ogden
Klymit, based out of Ogden, is an up-and-coming outdoor solution company that is leading the way with innovations like air frame technology and body mapping capabilities. And those innovations can be seen within their wide range of products available including Sleeping Pads, Kinetic Vests, Packs & Sleeping Bags. And all these products don’t only look cool, but serve as a new bar in innovative outdoor products. Check out the Klymit Blog to see all this company’s adventures across the world.


kuhlKühl – Salt Lake City
Kühl’s tagline is “Born in the Mountains,” and looking through their history, they might have some evidence to back that up. Began by 3 skiers and a rock climber (including famous alpinist Conrad Anker), the company first attracted customers with their innovative Alf Hat (a Peruvian designed hat lined with polar fleece). As the years went on and the founders went their separate ways, leaving Kevin Boyle at the helm of the wheel, the company has expanded beyond ski hats to offer a mixed variety of products including some of the most comfortable Fleeces, Pants, and Jackets on the market.

libertyLiberty Mountain – Sandy
If you have ever worked in or shopped at a local outdoor retailer, chances are you’ve seen the Liberty Mountain catalogue lying around somewhere. That’s because this wholesale giant that’s located in Sandy, Utah is one of the largest distributers of outdoor equipment in the U.S. And with an extremely diverse product line including Backpacking Stoves, First Aid Kits, Avalanche Probes, and Ski Goggles, Liberty Mountain carries literally almost everything you would ever need in an outdoor environment.


petzlPetzel – West Valley City
Another huge name in the outdoor industry, Petzel is an international outdoor company that didn’t originate in Utah, but whose U.S. headquarters have recently been located in West Valley City. Petzel’s story starts underground when founder Fernand Petzl began sharing his interest in cave exploration in France. Petzel products built upon experience in the field soon started to hit the shelves and it’s been a success story ever since. Some of the most recognizable and innovative Petzel products include but are not limited to the Grigri 1 & 2, the Nomic Ice Climbing Axe, and the E+Light Emergency Headlamp.

probarPROBAR – Salt Lake City
PROBAR is quickly making a move to become a big name in the nutrition bar game, and with a delicious selection of bite-size snacks, quick fueling energy aids, and meal replacement bars, they are filling out every outdoors person’s pantry quite nicely. And what’s more, not only are these adventure-ready nutrition bars tasty for the pallet, but with verified Non-GMO and Organic practices, PROBAR is aiming to encourage the whole food movement and give your body what it needs for its next big adventure.


qbpQuality Bike Parts – Ogden
Quality Bike Parts are on a mission to get everyone’s butt on a bike. And this large scale bike part wholesaler, who provides to over 5,000 independent bike shops across the country, may not be a name vastly recognized outside of the specific industry, but with locations in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Utah they make a big splash in the pool. And not only does QBP supply a lot of the parts, but in lieu with their friendly and health conscious consumers they strive hard to strengthen the bike economy with advocacy and bike coalitions in and around the community.

rampRAMP Sports – Park City
RAMP Sports (Riders Artists Musicians Project), besides having a cool name, RAMP Sports also have a cool mentality when it comes to making high-quality, American-made ski and snowboards. Based out Park City with close proximity to some world class ski resorts (i.e. Park City Mountain Resort, Deer Valley, & Canyons Resort), RAMP Sports offers free demos all day long and strive to show you American’s know best when it comes to ski and snowboard design. And as an added bonus, new to this year and hard to find anywhere else, RAMP Sports is offering your favorite NFL and MLB team inspired skis and snowboards.


skullcandySkullcandy – Park City
Skullcandy opened its doors in Park City in 2003, and since then has made a pretty good name for themselves in the headphones and speakers industry. That’s because not only do they offer an affordable line of high quality headphones, earbuds, speakers, and wireless products, but they also seem to love the lifestyle they are also selling. And whether you find yourself skating down the half-pipe, practicing your free-throws, or simply feeling the sand beneath your feet, Skullcandy wants to provide the soundtrack to all your favorite moments.


superflySuper Fly, Inc. Paragliding – Sandy
Super Fly Paragliding, located south of Salt Lake City, is one of North America’s largest paragliding businesses in the sport. That’s because they not only sell the necessary Paragliders, Harnesses, and Reserves to get you off the ground, but they also lead the pack in lessons, tours, and clinics. And whether you are new to the sport looking for some information, or an old pro looking for quality gear, this Utah based business built by two professional paragliders is one of the leading factors in this relatively new sport.

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