15+ Amazing Outdoor Companies in Colorado

Chances are if you enjoy the outdoors and all the pursuits that can be found in nature, then you have spent some time in the lovely state of Colorado. That’s because this four-season state is home to the Rocky Mountains, 4 National Parks, miles of white-water rivers, 21 ski resorts, and enough trails to wear down a few pairs of shoes. With all that being said, it’s no wonder that the list for amazing outdoor companies in Colorado is so long, and although it’s sure to be missing a few.

baBig Agnes – Steamboat Springs, CO
Big Agnes, A.K.A the Mother of Comfort, has a long list of awesome camping supplies that suit every taste and need. And while their sleeping bags, sleeping pads, and other camp furniture define comfort in the backcountry, a truly innovative product that comes from their lines is the mtnGlo Tents, which are the same lightweight tents they’ve always carried, but come with LED lights infused into the tent frame to give you a little extra glow for your nighttime activities.


keltyKelty – Boulder, CO
Since 1952, Kelty has prided itself in providing quality outdoor products such as backpacks, tents, and anything else you might want on the rugged trail. And even though the products have slightly evolved over the years, Kelty is still a leader in the industry when it comes to high quality, reasonably priced backpacking equipment. From their new backpack line (including internal frames, daypacks, and military/tactical) to a full line of tents, 63 years later, Kelty still has you covered.


laLa Sportiva – Boulder, CO
La Sportiva’s mission is to provide technical footwear that allows the consumer to efficiently explore the great outdoors. And with a mile-long product line of footwear that does just that, La Sportiva seems to deliver on their mission. Between climbing shoes and ski boots, La Sportiva also provides a wide range of climbing and skiing accessories (such as pants and stylish tops). Whatever it is you’re looking to do, remember that good footwear can make all the difference, and that the best footwear can be found with the label La Sportiva on it.


melMelanzana – Leadville, CO
Located in Leadville, Colorado (home to the famous Leadville 100 trail race), Melanzana is a small company that specializes in outdoor apparel best suited for the Rocky Mountains in which they come from. With a name that translates from Italian to “Eggplant”, this company is a representation of the success that small outdoor orientated businesses can find in Colorado. But it’s not just a cool name that keeps them going, it’s a dedicated line of high quality multi-layer garments that keep them above the competition.


newNewton Running Company – Boulder, CO
There is just something about Newton Running that makes you feel excited about hitting the trail. Maybe it’s there unapologetic view on colorful running shoes but Newton Running is more than just a running company, they are running advocates on a mission to sell a healthy lifestyle. Check out there Twitter page for some daily motivation, and check out there men’s and women’s running shoes to find the pair that best matches your personality.


otterOtter Box – Fort Collins, CO
If you have ever adventured near or on the water, then you probably know how effective Otter Box’s waterproof cases really are. Even outside the water, Otter Box has become the brand to go to when you’re looking for protection for your phone. And whether it’s protection while on the trail, on the water, or out on the town, Otter Box cases ranging from Iphone’s to Motorola’s has your back and your phone safe and sound from all the trouble you might find yourself in.


peralPearl Izumi – Louisville, CO
Either weekend warrior or professional athlete, if you have ever gone on a bike ride, run, or swim (or all three), chances are you’ve come across the name Pearl Izumi. That’s because for over 50 years this originally Japan based company has led the market in lightweight and effective racing apparel. Literally translated to “Fountain of Pearls”, Pearl Izumi is a much sought after brand from the clothes racks to professional sponsorship and will continue to be that way for years to come. To find out how Pearl Izumi can sponsor your next big adventure, check out this Sponsorship link.


scottScott Fly Rods – Montrose, CO
Started in 1973 out of a basement in San Francisco, Scott Fly Rods moved to the Rocky Mountains in 1993. Since then and throughout their time of being in business, Scott Fly Rods has led the pack in innovation of the fly rod industry. One of the first to utilize graphite in the process, all of Scott’s Fly Rods are strong yet light, ready to travel and ready to pull in the big fish. To learn more about Scott Fly Rods and the “Scott Difference” check out this short film put out by the company in recent years.


seaSea to Summit – Boulder, CO
For some companies, it’s all in the name. And with Sea to Summit located in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado, that’s exactly the case, and that’s because whether you find yourself pushing off the shores of your favorite beach destination or atop a windy mountain crag, Sea to Summit has everything you need. With a huge product line including air mattresses, compression sacks, waterproof bags, and pack covers, Sea to Summit will have you climbing higher and paddling further while staying dry and saving space.


sierraSierra Designs – Boulder, CO
Sierra Designs believes there is a better way out there and there designing it. To get a cool look at what they do, check out Sierra Design’s awesome outdoor video that spells out the way this Boulder, Colorado company has influenced the outdoor scene. And next time you are out on the trail, keep your eyes open because chances are you’ll see some of their products on display. And whether you are car camping over the weekend or on a mountaineering adventure to the end of the world, understand that if you are using any Sierra Design product you are in good hands.


smartSmartWool – Steamboat Springs, CO
Their might have been a time in life where receiving socks for a birthday present was a letdown, but ever since SmartWool hit the shelves that notion has changed. That’s because SmartWool provides the right fit and right comfort while utilizing only the best Merino Wool on the market, and not only does this innovative sock company give you a comfortable fit, but their method of producing and selling (A.K.A the SmartWool Difference ) is a shining example of how a company can not only make a quality product, but they can do it in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.


spydSpyderco – Golden, CO
If you are looking for a high quality knife to use in the outdoors, look no further than Spyderco in Golden, Colorado. Their product catalogue is full of useful tools ranging from high quality, packable knives to kitchen cutlery and everything in between. And whether you are looking for something for everyday carry, a fixed blade, or even a Gentlemen’s Knife, Spyderco has the products that you need to survive and thrive in the great outdoors.


Tenkara USA
In the fly fishing world, Tenkara USA is known as the brand that brought Tenkara fishing (a traditional Japanese form of fishing involving only a rod, line and fly) to the US. To the general outdoor enthusiast, Tenkara USA is known as the fly rod that can be brought along with any activity. The rods retract to about 2 feet, making them convenient to tuck into a pack, climbing bag, or even attach to a mountain bike making them ideal for outdoor enthusiasts to bring along in case a fishing opportunity presents itself as well as hardcore fly anglers who want to be in the water as long as possible.


ultUltimate Direction – Boulder, CO
With a product line including hydration packs, handheld water bottles, and water belts, Ultimate Direction based out of Boulder, Colorado leaves you no reason to be dehydrated in the backcountry. From the trailhead to the top peak, Ultimate Direction not only provides you with the lightweight water holding capabilities you need, but there entire business is like a motivational poster for getting outside and exploring nature. Check out their website, as well as their sponsored UD athletes, to find not only what you need to stay hydrated, but also find the inspiration to go out and use these innovate products.


vooVoormi – Pagosa, CO
Looking for some high quality wool outer garments? How about high quality wool outer garments locally made? End your search today by checking out the Voormi website and see for yourself the ingenuity found in a small business that believes in the craftsmanship that can only be found in a local practices. While you are there, check out the Dispatches Voormi has sent out from across the world and admire there Wool Untethered program which details the environmentally friendly way they get there wool to consumers hands.


Ski and Snowboard Manufacturing Companies
The list doesn’t stop with outdoor companies in Colorado without naming a few of the ski and snowboarding companies located throughout the state. And whether you are talking about Icelantic, Wagner Skis, or Purl Wax, one thing that you should understand about Colorado is that it has a lot of local skiing and snowboarding companies. Don’t believe it? Than you can also check out Meier Skis, Never Summer Industries, or All Board Sports.

Adventure Companies
And with the amazing terrain that Colorado calls home, you can also expect to find a wide variety of outdoor guiding agencies that are always looking for clients to amaze or employees to be amazing. Whatever it is, a good example of some of the many outdoor adventure companies in Colorado include but are not limited to Cloud 9 Living , Global Works Travel , Natural Habitat Adventures, Adaptive Sports Center, and Open Sky Wilderness. 

Beer Companies
Alright, maybe breweries don’t exactly fit into the amazing outdoor companies mold, but there just seems something so right about cracking open a microbrew atop your favorite mountain crag or at the bottom of an epic ski run. And not to mention the baseline behind a lot of the breweries in Colorado also involve some sort of outdoor stewardship, it starts to make sense why Colorado has some many microbrews. Some of the breweries in Colorado include but are not limited to New Belgium Brewery, Oskar Blues Brewery, Left Hand Brewery, Breckenridge Brewery, and Great Divide Brewing Company. 

Ski Resorts
Last but not least, Colorado is a great state to get some alpine action for skiing and snowboarding. With at least 21 ski resorts there are plenty of options in Colorado to find work or play, and whether you are looking to be a lift operator or for a weekend getaway, there is nothing quite like skiing in Colorado. Examples of a few amazing ski resorts in Colorado include Arapahoe Basin, Winter Park, Telluride, Eldora, and Loveland. And to check out all the amazing resorts in Colorado, check out Colorado Ski.com

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