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On November 27, 2014
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Probably the most durable training band you'll ever use. Trust us, it's worth it.

SPRI is a reputable fitness equipment seller that provides top-quality gear for personal training and gym use. As a personal trainer, I have used SPRI for many years and highly recommend their brand and the Braided Xertubing.

Functionality ★★★★★
Functionality is a must for personal trainers. Since the band is highly durable, the Xertube is useable for any sport or condition. Indoor and outdoor training, athletic and active-aging pursuits, this band does not cater to one specific population. The band is perfect for partner exercises, which allows users and trainers to design more creative programs. I have used the band for group exercise, small group training and individual personal training; therefore, versatile and functional to meet every trainer’s need.

Since the band provides much more oomph than a traditional band, it is recommended to start with the light or medium before progressing to heavier options. Many people think they need the heavy band, but only perform an exercise at 50 percent of its range of motion; therefore, start light and progress.

Durability ★★★★★
Fitness trainers and consumers know resistance bands have a short lifespan. The Xertube is comprised of four resistance bands that are braided and intertwined into plastic handles. The lifespan and durability are topnotch. Clients and consumers can complete moves that are not possible with other resistance bands. Partly because the band provides resistance that a traditional resistance band cannot handle without the possibility of breaking.

The band can sustain body weight including placing the feet on top of the bands; in addition to, users can anchor the band to a bar or wall and continue to perform metabolic, rapid movements.

Design and Aesthetics ★★★★
SPRI offers five colors to distinguish the light to very heavy resistance. Each band features two colored and two silver braided bands, which offers a chic yet high-performance-looking band.

The band receives four stars because of its bulk when stashing it into a gym bag or purse. Regular bands are small enough to fit in any carrying device. Although this band fits, it’s bulk requires a bit more room. I present continuing education workshops to fitness trains and I travel with the bands in a carry-on suitcase. Five bands can take near half the suitcase if not arranged properly. But don’t let that stop you from purchasing the band, it is highly worth it.

Value ★★★★★
The SPRI Xertube price ranges $33.98–37.98 per band. The lighter bands cost less. Although this is expensive for a resistance band, the lifespan, durability, and creativity are much worth the price. When users realize this band has several years of use, the price breaks down to spending a few cents for every workout. I highly recommend the band and find much value in its retail price. SPRI also provides a downloadable, basic Xertube workout on the website.

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